BSc (Hons) Aviation Management with Commercial Pilot Training

Enrich your Integrated and Combined Modular ATPL Studies With An Undergraduate Degree From The University of West London

At Skyborne we are passionate about improving your career prospects. Cadets enrolling on our EASA/UKCAA Integrated ATPL and Combined Modular programmes can now choose to combine their studies with a BSc in Aviation Management with Commercial Pilot Training, in partnership with University of West London (UWL).


Studying for a university degree alongside your flight training will provide you with a distinct advantage over your peers; enabling you to graduate better prepared for airline operations, equipped with the necessary management and business skills to support your future.


The fully integrated Skyborne degree programme will help promote the career advantages of studying for a degree alongside flight training, and has been created with students in mind – drawing upon the skills and knowledge of expert lecturers and highly-experienced teaching staff, to ensure trainees can keep up with the demands of the aviation industry.


You will complete your BSc (Hons) Aviation Management with Commercial Pilot Training at our Gloucestershire Airport HQ in the UK, making use of our premium equipment and education-focused training facilities, You will also benefit from access to the full range of online education resources and tutors available to students at UWL.



To achieve your BSc (Hons) degree, you will undertake additional study during your training programme with Skyborne.. The six modules will be scheduled accordingly and completed in addition to your flight training with Skyborne.


Included in the course

  • Introduction to Airline and Airport Management
  • The Aviation Experience
  • Contemporary Issues in Aviation Management
  • Research Methods
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Cadets will also be required to submit a written dissertation at the end of their pilot training


Course fee is £22,200.

All enrolled students will be eligible for the “Aviator Bursary” totalling £9,000 towards the course fee, the largest bursary awarded by UWL.


Adding the degree option to your Integrated or Combined Modular ATPL programme with Skyborne will mean you are eligible to be considered for student loan funding of up to £22,200 towards your overall course fees.


Please contact us for more information


Entry requirements

  • All those that successfully pass the Skyborne selection process are eligible for the degree programme.
  • You must also be at least 18 years old on the first day of training
  • You must hold a valid passport that allows for the unrestricted right to live and work in the UK and the EU.
  • Unrestricted Class 1 medical