We recognise that learning to fly can be expensive, which is why we are delighted to be working with a number of institutions to provide a range of innovative funding solutions for the services we provide. These funding solutions seek to assist would-be pilots into the industry, leading to a widening of the talent pool and enabling you to realise your dreams of becoming an airline pilot.


We will be announcing more information about our innovative funding options very soon.


Subject to successful completion of the Skyborne selection process you could be eligible for the ‘Skyborne Guarantee’. This guarantee is effective on the EASA Integrated ATPL and EASA Modular ATPL courses.

The guarantee covers training overrun and a refund of training fees up to the value of £85,000 in the unlikely event that you do not complete the training programme due to performance reasons. Your course fee covers all initial tests and assessments, but any retakes will need to be funded by the individual. Detailed information of this guarantee is available from our sales team.

For more information about our finance plans, please click here.