Enhanced airline-focused philosophy

We use a combination of tried and tested methods and the latest technologies to provide you with the best training possible

We have considered all aspects of your journey with Skyborne, from when you first click on the “apply now” button, through to placing you with an airline and everything in between.


Our role is to identify your talent and test your capability.

Our leadership team has a wealth of experience in selecting airline pilots using competency-based assessment tools. We screen for aptitude, attitude, motivation and resilience.

We use a combination of proven and progressive methods, to assess technical ability and non-technical skills appropriate to the role of an airline pilot. We also use the latest computer-based technology to identify aptitude, skill and capacity. Combined, this creates some of the most accurate and stringent testing in the industry, essential when evaluating suitability for your future career.

Candidates who perform strongly across the board in the selection process and are passionate about their chosen career, go on to excel in training, making them some of the most reliable pilots upon graduation.

Unlike most flight training institutions who charge applicants a lump sum of around £300 for the selection process, we operate a two-stage system. We charge £50 for the initial online psychometric and aptitude screening test. If you are successful you will be invited to an assessment centre for further testing, with an additional selection fee of £200. Not only is this significantly more cost-effective for you, it also reflects our commitment to fairness and delivering quality service

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We are committed to providing the ultimate learning environment, combining interactive computer-based learning with tutor-led instruction. This creates the foundation for a thorough understanding of the ATPL theory.

Our Progressive Continuous Learning method is an incremental approach to theoretical learning, which is applied to increasingly complex practical scenarios. This ensures a deep understanding of the subject matter and the ability to apply it in a real-world flying environment. Our approach is to truly integrate theoretical knowledge with practical flight training from the very first stages of your programme.

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Our progressive learning philosophy extends to practical flight training, so from the outset you are immersed in airline methodology, custom and practice.

Whether it is ramp discipline, air traffic awareness, risk management or energy management on final approach, we have identified key phases of flight where it is possible to train the same principles regularly used in airline operations. This is key to acquiring the full range of knowledge, skill and attitude required to be an effective and safe airline pilot. In this way, we exceed the regulatory requirements and develop your pilot skills to align with commercial airline operations.

Our programmes are designed for all applicants, regardless of expertise. You do not require any previous experience because you will be taught how to fly the Skyborne way. If you have flown before, our unique, airline-focused training methods will enable you to broaden your knowledge and skill of the relevant subject matter, setting you up to embark on a career as an international airline pilot.

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