UK CAA approved attestation and cabin service training

Whether you are an airline looking for a large number of new recruits to be trained, or you are an individual wanting to gain this valuable qualification to further your career aspirations, we offer a unique attestation course. This course will be available later in the year, as it is currently in the UKCAA approval process.

We have some of the most qualified and experienced trainers in the business who will deliver a high quality course; however, in addition to surpassing the regulatory requirements, our training programme includes an additional two days of customer service training at no additional cost.

Standalone customer service training courses can be provided.


Training industry-leading cabin crew professionals

The Service Training course will teach you how to define service excellence and its elements, whilst learning effective techniques to deliver excellent customer service consistently.  You will also learn the basic food and beverage skills as a basis for service excellence in the cabin and be better prepared for the training by airlines.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Define & explain the concept of service excellence in relation to customer expectations
  • Explain Etiquette and VIP Protocol
  • Describe professional Self-image, dress code and grooming
  • Exercise and explain the importance of Hygiene & safety
  • List & describe different cultures & their behaviour
  • List & explain the fundamental steps of Food & Beverage Service


Ensuring a sound level of skill across all cabin crew capabilities

All our courses are compliant with UK CAA rules & regulations. All modules are mandatory in order to obtain the Cabin Crew Attestation card.

Modules include:

  • Aviation history and terminology
  • Aviation regulations / role of the competent authority
  • Documentation & manuals
  • Theory of flying
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Emergency situations
  • Fire and Smoke training theoretical part
  • Practical fire fighting
  • Meteorology / weight and balance
  • Real water survival training
  • Principles of survival land/ sea/jungle/desert
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Security Training
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Medical aspects¬† & First Aid
  • Flight time and duty time regulation/rest requirements
  • Customer Service Excellence