Skyborne Indigo Cadet Programme

Thank you for your interest in Skyborne Airline Academy and in the opportunities available with us.

We now need you to complete an application form, and it is really important that you enter all the necessary information completely and honestly. If we should find out, at a later stage, that any of the information you have provided is not correct, this may affect the status of your application.

Applicant Information

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Please complete the education section in full and in date order, including all educational establishments you have attended. Please ensure that you start with your most recent qualifications and work back from there. It is essential that you enter every subject and grade achieved across all academic levels as this information is required to help us assess your suitability for the programme.

It is important that all qualifications are represented exactly how they appear on your education certificates.

We can only accept achieved grades so please do not enter any predicted grades on your application.

Work Experience

Please record all relevant work experience in date order (starting with your most recent experience and working back from there), or leave blank if you have none.

Additional Questions

The responses to the following questions are really important so it is essential that you are honest with us when you complete them. If we later find that one or more of your responses are incorrect, this may affect the status of your application.