Who is Ben Harding? 

I’m Ben and I started on Skyborne’s Integrated ATPL programme in 2020.

I chose Skyborne because of the amazing facilities on offer, the friendly atmosphere, and the depth of experience its staff have in the industry. I believe all these factors help give my future career as an airline pilot the very best start.

When I was invited to the assessment day in September 2019 it was initially overwhelming because it’s the first step on the path to a successful career in aviation. Although it can be daunting, Skyborne really do go the extra mile for your assessment so it feels professional but also friendly. I prepared by doing lots of mental maths and numerical reasoning, getting to grips with a variety of aptitude tests, and setting myself test questions for my interview. My main advice for the assessment day is to be yourself.

Being a trainee at Skyborne has been a great experience so far. I have bonded with the other cadets and although there is a lot of work to be done, we do manage to make time to socialise, which all contributes to an enjoyable 18 months. Trainees across all courses get along well, so you always see somebody you know either in your accommodation or in the Skyborne headquarters. It really extends your network if you ever need advice or help.

Skyborne has been amazing at providing support for me throughout the course; there has never been a day without having someone to talk to and the professional relationships you build with the staff help immensely. The instructors are incredibly helpful and are always more than happy to go over any subject you don’t fully understand.

The opportunity to grow personally and professionally is one reason I, and I’m sure many other cadets, choose to train with Skyborne. Whether through the Crew Resource Management sessions, conducting presentations, team exercises, or the professional atmosphere overall, it all contributes to developing you as a well-rounded person and preparing you for a multi-crew environment in your aviation career.

My advice for anyone looking to start pilot training is that once you are sure you want to start a course just go for it! Although the industry has its ups and downs, once you have your qualification you can go and get further experience within the industry. Skyborne is also brilliant with the continued support you receive once you finish your training. This is second to none within the training industry and this helps hugely with staying current as you look for the next opportunity.