Name: Alessia Hassenstein

Age: 20

Originally from: Bavaria, Germany

Skyborne Course: Skyborne Airline Academy – self sponsored


A bit about me:

“I was born into a family who love to travel and fly, so from a very early age I was in contact with airplanes. They fascinated and excited me at the same time. That fascination grew and became a little girl’s dream, and then a passion. I pinch myself that this is now a reality for me.

Skyborne is one of the most prestigious flight schools in the world, they have partnerships with some of the largest and most famous airlines which gives us trainees so many great opportunities. I did my research before I started and spoke to a lot of pilots. All told me to train at Skyborne, and now I am living my dream.

I enjoy everything that Skyborne has to offer. The balance between living your passion for flying and being around wonderful people is incredible. I would call it a family of sorts. If I had to choose between all the places in the world to do my training, it would be Skyborne again and again and as soon as possible.

My dream job once I graduate is to be an Airline Captain.

For anyone considering a career in aviation, I would say: Never give up! The path to becoming a pilot in command is an emotional rollercoaster. Enthusiasm, pride and joy but also tears, despair, upset and mistakes. It’s all part of the journey.”