Sean will join Skyborne in July on the Professional Pilot Pathway course. Ahead of his start date, Sean tells us what he’s done up until now, what he’s looking forward to and why he chose to train at Skyborne Vero Beach.

‘You could say I grew up in an airline family. My father is a pilot, so I’ve enjoyed travelling with him whilst growing up. Occasionally I was allowed to witness the flight deck and I was intrigued by all of the switches and instruments onboard the aircraft and the responsibility involved, so it’s true to say on some level I’ve always wanted to become a pilot.

Up until now, I’ve studied and have been a college student at Florida Gulf Coast University. I’m looking forward to continuing the studying at Ground School at Skyborne and then being able to apply it when flying with instructors.

I chose Skyborne for my pilot training, because I was impressed by everyone I met during my tour, including Skyborne flight instructors, the facilities, including the welcome center, housing, dispatch area, simulators, classrooms, flightline, and maintenance hangar were also the best that I have seen.

I’m really looking forward to studying in an environment of like minded people on my journey to become a professional pilot.