Name: Jaclyn Kordus

Age: 23

Originally from: Southeastern Wisconsin

Skyborne Course: Professional Pilot Pathway – Self Sponsored

Stage: Commercial Phase 2/Instrument Rating

A bit about me:

“I graduated college from Xavier University in 2021 with a double major in Computer Science and Human Centered Design with a minor in Business.

I thought about becoming a pilot when I was a teenager in high school but decided to go the traditional route and get a college degree. When I was a senior in college, I realized my heart wasn’t in computer science, so I took my first discovery flight and loved it. After completing my degree, I made the switch to aviation and came to Skyborne that very summer.

I originally applied to Skyborne when it was known as Flight Safety Academy. Once I had heard about Skyborne, I did some research. What impressed me most was Skyborne’s drive to be the best flight school, and how they actively take steps to achieve it. Since I joined they have invested in new flight simulators and completely renovated the admin building here on campus. Plus for fun, I love doing outdoor activities like going to the beach and kayaking, and all of those things are within easy reach of Vero Beach which is an added bonus!

The best thing about being at Skyborne is the community that work and study here. My fellow cadets and I have always helped, encouraged and pushed each other to be the best we can be. The staff always greet me with a smile and are extremely accessible to provide any accommodations I could need. I am yet to find a flight instructor that didn’t truly care about my success.

After graduation I hope to become a flight instructor at Skyborne and then move on to start my career in the airlines.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to join a course at Skyborne it would be to join as soon as possible, make connections, and enjoy your training along the way.”

John Pinero, Flight Instructor at Skyborne had this to say about Jaclyn:

“After performing well in her check ride, Jaclyn has gone into the commercial phases of her training and is flourishing! Completing stage 1 commercial, she has now started commercial stage 2/ instrument training. The whole team at Skyborne wish her well with the rest of her training and look forward to supporting her developing career.”