SkyWest Airlines has chosen Skyborne Airline Academy Vero Beach to launch North America’s most innovative airline pilot career program.

Vero Beach, Florida – September 14 2021:

Successful candidates will start the “SkyWest Professional Pilot Pathway” with a Conditional Job Offer from the airline.

The course offers a unique route to the flight deck, taking trainees with zero or little flying experience through a FAA Part 141 program to Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). In addition, pilots already in training with other flight schools can join the program at various entry points.

Lee Woodward, Chief Executive Officer, Skyborne, says: “With our closely aligned values, we are extremely proud to be working with SkyWest Airlines, delivering a program that helps aspiring pilots realise their goals, and start this exciting career.

“In addition to receiving a Conditional Job Offer from SkyWest, trainees will benefit from Skyborne’s unique airline-focused approach to training in one of the United States’ flagship flight schools. Having completed the program through CFI, suitable pilots will be initially employed by Skyborne as Flight Instructors and will receive full-sponsorship from SkyWest for the cost of Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII) and Multi-Engine Instrument (MEI), before eventually transferring to SkyWest to begin their career as a First Officer.”

Tracy Gallo, SVP Flight Operations, SkyWest, says: “Over the past 20 years, the Skyborne leadership team has selected, trained and placed more than 7,000 new pilots worldwide, with some of the most prestigious airlines globally, and today deliver this expertise at their world-class Vero Beach Academy in Florida.

“We are delighted to be working with Skyborne on this project which will provide SkyWest Airlines with a steady flow of highly-skilled airline pilots to meet our ever-growing demand. As the largest regional airline in the US, we have a significant and sustained demand for talented pilots who want to be part of the SkyWest family.”

Furthermore, due to Skyborne’s comprehensive selection process, trainees on the full SkyWest pathway (Private through CFI) will benefit from the unique Skyborne Guarantee, offering a complete refund of all fees after the Private Pilot Certificate (PPC) phase, if training after that point cannot be completed for proficiency reasons.

The first handpicked SkyWest trainees will arrive at Skyborne Airline Academy Vero Beach later this year, with courses commencing monthly. For entry requirements, click here.

About Skyborne Airline Academy

Skyborne Airline Academy is a modern airline training academy based at Gloucestershire Airport in the United Kingdom and Vero Beach in the United States. Established by industry experts, Skyborne brings a fresh approach to airline pilot training.

Founders Tom Misner (chairman), Lee Woodward (CEO) and Ian Cooper (COO) have unsurpassed experience in commercial aviation, education and training. It is their vision to create a training environment where the highest standard of teaching, safety and relevant airline-style training is maintained, and interactive learning is encouraged.

Using a combination of tried and tested methods and the latest technology to assess competence, suitability, aptitude and resilience, Skyborne aims to recruit the very best candidates to minimise additional training, reduce failure rates and provide airlines with better pilots and cabin crew.

In January 2019, Skyborne was named as a leading training provider for IndiGo, India’s largest passenger airline.