U.S Training

World class purpose built facilities

Vero Beach is the perfect place for you to embark on your flight training journey with a 12 acre bespoke campus and 320 days per year of suitable weather. Our location offers a wide range of operational scenarios to test your piloting skills.

Our on-site accommodation is newly refurbished, equipped with modern furniture and appliances, and conveniently located next to our flight training facility at Vero Beach Airport. On campus we have a pool and a variety of sports facilities available at your disposal. We are located minutes away from the beach, offering a great work-life balance to your training program.

skyborne cadets studying around a table

Learning Environment

Our unparalleled learning experience delivers exceptional results.

With a handpicked team made up of the very best talent in the industry, we provide best-in-class training and service delivery.

Your educational and pastoral needs are at the heart of every decision we make. Our commitment to upholding the highest standards can be seen across the business from safety practices to our dedicated support services. 

The Skyborne family feel is noted by all who visit, making for an unrivaled learning environment.

Flight training

During your time with us, you will have access to a fleet of over 50 Piper single and multi-engine aircraft. The vast majority of Warriors, Arrows and Seminoles are equipped with Garmin avionics. All aircraft are maintained to highest standards possible under the FAA Part 145 Progressive Maintenance Program.

Skyborne cadet training on flight simulator

Ground school

Our training center, refurbished in 2022, provides state-of-the-art, modern classrooms.

You will be guided and supported through your ground school modules by our expert instructors.

Ground school courses are taught on-site at Vero Beach Airport, so you are fully immersed and inspired by your surroundings.


As part of our curriculum at Skyborne, training not only combines classroom learning and flying in the Piper fleet, but training time in our two Aviation Training Devices in accordance with FAA 141 Regulations.

campus life

At Skyborne, we like to work hard, play hard. We have kitted out our 314 bedroom campus to give you everything you need to enjoy your time here. We have a swimming pool/BBQ area, soccer field, volleyball court, basketball court and a fleet of modern bikes – all for you to use free of charge.

Close by you’ll find amazing beaches, parks and attractions such as Universal, Disney, Wet’n Wild and of course, the Kennedy Space Center. Our great team plan fun and inclusive recreational events for you to take part in, or watch from the side-lines. Take part, get involved and make lifelong memories. 

US Accommodation

home away from home

Our on-site accommodation complex has a 314 bed in total in high quality rooms. On campus there is a swimming pool/BBQ area, soccer field, basketball court and a fleet of modern bikes – all supplied free of charge. Close by you will find amazing beaches, parks and attractions such as Universal, Disney, Wet’n Wild and of course, the Kennedy Space Centre.