You must be aged between 18 and 32 years on the first day of the selection process.

If you do not meet this requirement, you can pursue these subjects via the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). NIOS results are acceptable.

It is in your best interest not to prepare for the online testing. It is designed to identify whether you have the basic aptitude to successfully complete your course of training with Skyborne. Preparing for the test will increase the risk of masking your true aptitude (natural ability to meet the competencies required to pass the course). However, having said that, you can look at the types of tests you will undergo by accessing the cut-e testing site at:

These are not the exact tests you will be attempting, but they will give you an idea of what to expect.

The advantage having completed the DGCA 3 exams (Navigation, Meteorology & Air Regulations) and having the Radio Telephone licence is that you can commence flight training in the next available course which we schedule every month. However, for all those of our selected trainees who haven’t completed the DGCA exams, Skyborne can facilitate with enrolment on SKYWORX India DGCA Distance Learning Programme.

While Skyborne does not currently offer funding or scholarship solutions for the programme, banks in India do recognise the importance of the cadet pilot programme and extend loans to trainees based on their individual financial circumstances. The Letter of Intent (LOI) signed by IndiGo and the Skyborne contract are two very important documents required towards the loan processing.