frequently asked questions

You will find much of the information you need about Skyborne within these pages. However, we have answered some frequently asked questions below. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the button at the bottom of the page. 

UK CAA Integrated ATPL courses start on alternate months, throughout the year.

The entry criteria for this course is five x GCSE’s, grade 4 or above, including Maths, Science and English Language. If applying from outside the UK, please see UK NARIC for guidance on equivalent academic qualifications.

From a regulatory perspective, it is not a requirement to have A-Levels or a degree (or equivalent); however it is important to note that some airlines may stipulate this for their programmes or at point of placement. This varies from airline to airline and they will often stipulate a minimum grade, rather than specific subjects.

If you decide to undertake the degree element, Skyborne will facilitate an introduction to UWL following successful selection. The University will commence the enrolment on to the degree programme with you directly.

No. We have incorporated the degree into the syllabus so your training is not affected. The majority of the workload for the degree is completed upon graduation.

Yes. We find that when trainees are staying in the same environment together, it creates a stronger mindset and gets better results! 

Yes. Accommodation is included for the entirety of your training in the cost of the course on a self-catered basis. You will therefore need to budget for living expenses for the duration of the course and we would recommend £10,000 as being an adequate amount for this.

No, we have put in place a manageable payment plan so you can spread out the payments. 

Payment Schedule:

   1   £9,000  Course Deposit 

   2   £22,625  30 days prior to course commencement date

   3   £22,625  90 days after course start

   4   £22,625  180 days after course start

   5   £22,625  270 days after course start 


If you wish to apply for the UK CAA Integrated ATPL course, you will be required to complete the skill assessment as part of the application process. This consists of an online aptitude test and an interview with our recruitment team, following successful completion of these two elements you will be offered a place at Skyborne! For more information on the Skyborne Selection Process, view our guide.

Applications are always open for the Integrated ATPL programme. 

12 months from the assessment date. 

If you are close to the parameters, you will be offered feedback and an opportunity to reapply. 

Yes, prior to course commencement a selection summary report is shared with you. 

You will get practical support with CV and application writing, as well as assessment preparation, including simulator assessment, if required. 

Introducing the Skyborne Performance Protection. A policy that provides additional support. The protection is in place from commencement of the UK CAA Integrated ATPL course on successful completion of the Skyborne selection process. This protection commits to train you to proficiency, or offer you a refund. *terms apply.  Contact one of our flight training advisors for more information. 

Providing you meet the criteria, you are able to apply at anytime from the age of 17, but must be at least 18 years old on the day your course starts. 

Contact one of our Flight Training Advisors who will help you with any queries you have and send you the application link for the course you are interested in. You can contact the team on +44 (0) 1452 937020 or complete the contact form online.

For the Integrated ATPL programme there are scheduled blocks of time off during your training. We ask that you limit your engagements during training. We understand things happen in life where you may need to take time off so we will be as flexible as possible. Modular training is booked in blocks and we ask that you are available full time for the duration of each module. 

We have a fleet of 3 x Diamond 42 aircraft and a T67 in the UK and a fleet of over 50 aircraft in the US!

Yes. We have strong relationships with several airlines in the industry. We have successfully placed many trainees via these connections, the list of which is growing.

This varies depending on the industry and recruitment levels but the normal placement time is between 3-6 months.

Yes. We have a dedicated team of Skyborne trained Mental Health First Aiders in both the UK and US. They can also point students in the direction of any additional external resources that can assist and all support is offered in full confidence. In addition, in partnership with Red Umbrella, students can also access professional peer support from commercial pilots that are also trained therapists. “Care Coins” can be allocated or purchased as required to access professional support via the My Airspace platform. Also available free of charge on the platform are Mindfulness sessions conducted by one of the pilot peers for students to access. To find out more about our relationship with Red Umbrella, click here.