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At Skyborne, we offer a full range of modular courses. Our flexible approach to modular training means we can even accommodate bespoke requests, wherever possible.

At Skyborne, we do not differentiate between our Integrated and Modular offering. Our goal is simple, to provide you with the most professional, high-quality training regardless of your future aspirations. Whether you are looking to fly for fun, or are looking to take a personalised route to the flight deck of a jet aircraft with one of our client airlines, Skyborne can help you.

From individual modules, through to tailored, combined packages, Skyborne has the expertise and flexibility to respond to your requirements and help you achieve your goal.

Key Features

The benefits of training at Skyborne Airline Academy include:


Busiest general aviation airport in the UK and year round sunshine in Florida.


Optimal training aircraft and the most advanced training simulators​​


With no hidden extras

Exceptional Pass Rates

Industry leading pass rates across all training phases.​

Regular Intakes

Frequent course start dates, offering greater flexibility.​

Modular Training at its best

For those looking to embark on, or continue with a modular training programme, Skyborne has approved courses from PPL and ATPL Theoretical Knowledge, through to UPRT and APS MCC, plus many more. This end to end solution approach means you can personalise your training package with us.

Those completing their IR and APS MCC with Skyborne also have the opportunity to benefit from airline placement support and guidance. Those meeting the Skyborne standard through both of these training modules can expect airline assessment preparation support to ensure they are equipped with the insight and practical skills to successfully secure their first airline role.

With ELCAS accreditation, Skyborne is the obvious choice for those looking at military conversion options. The same bespoke approach is taken, ensuring your previous experience is accounted for and credited accordingly.


Skyborne caters for a variety of routes to the flight deck. Please find below the complete list of modular courses offered by Skyborne. Click on the listed options to visit the course page for more information.

Private Pilot

We offer a PPL course from our training centre based in Vero Beach, Florida. Whether you’re looking to fly for leisure or take the first step toward a career as a commercial pilot, then look no further.

Modular ATPL theory

Getting the fundamentals of ground training right.

Skyborne cadet flying in the cockpit

Combined modular

Our 21-week flagship combined modular package ensures you are ready to embark on airline operations.

ATPL theoretical knowledge distance learning

Our Progressive Continuous Learning approach, supported by Pad Pilot, provides you with the best start to commercial ground training alongside work and family commitments.

commercial pilot licence

The Skyborne CPL course is a programme for pilots who already hold the appropriate flying qualifications and want to further develop their skills and knowledge in line with the professional standards and competencies required of a commercial pilot.

upset prevention and recovery training

Our comprehensive syllabus provides qualified pilots with accurate theoretical and practical training to mitigate against aircraft upsets.

Instrument rating training

This rating permits you to fly in a range of weather conditions such as cloud and other instances of reduced visibility. Skyborne’s highly experienced instructor team will guide you through a five-week course on the Diamond DA-42 aircraft.

Skyborne UKHQ DAY 1_C031983

Multi-Engine piston class training

The next step in flight training. If you intend to take up a professional flying career, the Multi-Engine Rating is an essential step.

airline pilot standards multi-crew cooperation

This course is intended to maximise your employment prospects, by equipping you with the knowledge and skills required to commence initial type rating training to the standards generally required by today’s airlines.

skyborne cadet in flight simulator

airline simulator assessment preparation

Give yourself a distinctive edge and ensure you’re brilliantly prepared for airline selection processes. Our one-day sessions can significantly improve your chances of success when seeking your first position with an airline.


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